About Us

About Us

Phangphang.com – what’s that? Errr…try saying it with a nod to the Hokkien dialect.

Get it?

Phang phang as in “fragrant”.

See…..you get it. I wanted a unique, almost quirky name for my website and what nicer name to have than one that is so Asian, so Chinese, so Hokkien.

Anyway, phangphang.com is a place to get the good stuff for life. The good stuff for life makes for a happier life, don’t you think?

I start with some of the essential oils I’ve been using for 4 years now. Actually I never even wanted to sell these online. I started off as a tentative user and a few years later, you can say I’m kind of hooked on these fragrant essential oils which do not contain harmful chemicals (not the sort you see sold in typical stores that caution “for external use” or “for aromatherapy use” only).

These essential oils can be used neat or diluted with a vegetable carrier oil. They can be used as skincare, as supplements, for massage and for diffusion. I even use some essential oil blends as perfume. I have stopped using chemical-laced perfume ever since I started using these natural products.

Whatever that you see here have been used and tested by me and my family (and friends too). If we haven’t used it, we won’t recommend it to you.

My selections are small for a reason. I don’t want to overwhelm you especially when it comes to essential oils which you really can’t smell or touch until you buy them. You start off with 3 basic essential oils you instinctively know – lemon, peppermint and lavender.

Real essential oils are not cloying and won’t make you nauseous. The diluted stuff will.

My aim is to teach you how to use these 3 essential oils trio – the best trio pack to have at home or at the office or even in your bag when you’re out and about – and how to really benefit fully from these simple yet powerful essences from Nature.

Will I add more? Perhaps.

Life’s already too complicated so let’s start small and let’s start easy with this magical trio!