Are You Taking Good Care of Your Kidney Health?

We never notice our kidneys but your kidneys do a lot of hard work!

In each hour, your kidneys are cleaning and filtering your entire blood volume. Your kidneys help maintain proper acid/alkaline pH levels. If your body is too acidic, health suffers!

Your kidneys are also responsible for regulating the body’s fluid balance. They keep enough water on hand to prevent dehydration, bathe the cells, yet, prevent the holding of water – a condition often referred to as edema.

Your kidneys help to regulate blood pressure. The kidneys aid in the assimilation of vitamins into your blood stream. What is not used is excreted through the urine. Sometimes when a person’s urine is quite yellow it indicates the kidneys need a little more support or cleansing. But also note that B vitamins are often sourced from foods rich in yellow colour.

The kidneys help to regulate and control the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen to every cell in the body. Some cases of anaemia may be linked to lowered kidney function, not just poor iron assimilation.

Kidney Health Tips

  • Drink lots of water. It’s good to add some lemon slices to your water but if you find that it’s too tedious to do so, just add some lemon essential oil to your water to alkalize your drinking water for even better health.
  • Eat about 75% of your food raw – still retaining not only their enzymes and nutrients but their higher water content.
  • Stop taking fizzy drinks or coffee. These are acidic.
  • If you plant “misai kucing” or Cats’ Whiskers herb in your garden, make a tea with these leaves (fresh or dried).
  • Use your hands to massage your lower back (where your kidneys are located) daily. Even a 5 minute massage daily does wonders for you.

How do you know if your kidneys are not at their best? You could experience bladder infections such as urinary tract infections, you could feel tired and grumpy, you could have skin rashes or you could feel like you need to visit the bathroom all the time!

Think you know your kidneys? Take a kidney quiz! Or learn how your kidneys work.


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