More Creative Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

I always carry a bottle of peppermint essential oil in my bag when I am out and about.

Peppermin Essential Oil


I’ve helped friends with tummy aches, nausea and lethargy with this essential oil. Once a friend was having an upset stomach during a meeting and I gave her 1-2 drops to rub on her tummy. After 5 minutes she said she felt immediately better!

Another time I was in India for a short trip with some friends. A friend started feeling unwell, no thanks to the water she drank. Immediately I asked for a glass of warm water. Into this water I dropped 2 drops of peppermint essential oil. I made my friend drink this to quell her tummy ache. She also rubbed some on her temples and tummy.

You can also use this as a flavouring. Use a toothpick to dip into this oil if you are using as a food flavouring. One drop can be too much!

Here are more uses for this handy peppermint essential oil:

  • Rub 1-2 drops between palms. Rub over stomach to relieve indigestion, flatulence and diarrhoea.
  • Add a drop of peppermint oil to herbal tea to aid in digestion and relieve heartburn.
  • Massage peppermint oil on the area of injury to reduce inflammation.
  • Apply peppermint oil immediately to an injured area (bruised shin, hit on the foot or hand) to relieve pain. If there is a cut, apply the Peppermint oil around (not on) the open wound.
  • Rub peppermint oil on the bottoms of the feet to reduce fever.
  • Apply a drop of peppermint oil topically on unbroken skin to stop itching.
  • Inhale peppermint oil before and during a workout to boost your mood and reduce fatigue.
  • Massage peppermint oil on the abdomen to relieve nausea.
  • To relieve a headache rub a drop of peppermint oil on the temples, forehead, over the sinuses (stay away from the eyes) and on the back of the neck.
  • To stop hiccups, apply a drop of peppermint oil on each side of the fifth cervical vertebra (up three notches from the large vertebra at the base of the neck).
  • Place two drops of peppermint oil on the tongue and rub another drop under the nose to improve alertness and concentration.
  • Diffuse peppermint oil in the room while your child is studying to improve his concentration and accuracy. Inhale peppermint oil while taking a test to improve recall.
  • Rub peppermint oil on chest and stomach to relieve travel sickness.
  • Place a drop of peppermint oil on the tongue and inhale into the nose and sinuses to relieve congestion from a cold.
  • Add peppermint oil to food as a flavouring and a preservative.
  • To deter rats, mice, ants or cockroaches, place peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place along the path of these pests.
  • Mix one 15-ml. bottle of peppermint oil into a 5 gallon can of paint to dispel the fumes.
  • Place 1-2 drops of peppermint oil in a cup of hot water to enjoy.
  • To kill aphids add 4-5 drops of peppermint oil to 4 ounces of water and spray the plants.
  • Drink a drop of peppermint oil mixed in a glass of cold water to cool off on a hot day.
  • Rub peppermint oil on joints to relieve arthritis pain.
  • Place a drop of peppermint oil on the tongue to stop bad breath.
  • Inhale the fragrance of peppermint oil to curb the appetite and lessen the impulse to overeat.
  • Remove ticks by applying a drop of peppermint oil on a cotton swab and swabbing the tick and removing it from your pet.
  • Mix peppermint oil in a foot bath to relieve sore feet especially when you’re travelling and have walked the entire day sightseeing!